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Watch our Videos of Muay Thai Training , Our Rooms , Pool and Fight Night

Video : How to train Muay Thai with us .

You will see our Thai professional training , so you can train as our Thai fighters .
You will see how the foreigner guest training .
A women foreigner student is pad work traning ( one by one ) with Thai trainer and a man foreginer sparring with my Thai trainer .
So we can teach any level of beginner , professional fighter or lose weight .

Video : How to living in my rooms and pool

Videos of rooms near swimming pool , 300 meters from suwit muay thai gym ( 3 minutes by walking )
At the front of the air conditioned rooms is a swimming pool . After hard muay thai training you can relax at swimming pool . In the air conditioned room have a big bed or double small beds , Air condition / TV / DVD / Cable TV / Own bathroom with hot water / Refrigerator , Free Wifi .

Special Packages for SuWit Muay Thai Camp in Thailand , Phuket :
The total cost for 1 month ( 31 Baht = 1 USD , 42 Baht = 1 Euro ) :
- Training + a single fan Room = 11,000 Baht ( 355 USD , 262 Euro )
- Training + a single airconditioned room = 14,500 Baht ( 468 USD , 346 Euro ) .
For Air condition room , You pay electricity cost by measurement that is up to your use , it is 5 baht / unit . So you deposit 1,500 Baht in advance for electricity cost
( Training : 2 times / day , 6 days a week and free ticket to watch real Muay Thai fighting on every Friday night )
If you want private training ( one by one with trainer ), the extra charge a month is 4,000 Baht .( 2 times a day with private trainer ).

Video : SuWit Muay Thai Gym and Training @ 2012

In 2012 , There are 3 rings , many bags and fitness equipments .
You will see our Training , Pad Work , Clinching or Sparring and Fitness equipment .

Video : Free ticket on Friday Fight night(Real fight)

Muay Thai fighting on every Friday Night at SuWit Muay Thai stadium , then you will fun every Friday night .
If you train at least 2 weeks , you will get a free ticket on every Friday night .

I confirm "SuWit Muay Thai camp is real muay thai training camp in Thailand" .
SuWit Muay Thai Camp have operated for 25 years .
We can teach every levels ( beginner , professional , lose weight , etc ) .
SuWit Muay Thai Camp is in Phuket , Thailand . We service Muay Thai training and accommodations .

Click here to watch 7 Videos of Training

How customer talk about SuWit Gym

muay thai swedenWill Harwood , Australia @ December 2008
"Training at Suwit gym was rewarding at the least .With the best local trainers you can push your skills , knowledge and fitness level to achieve whatever you want .Suwit muay thai has some of the friendliest people I have met in Thailand . I havee made some good friends ..."
  muay thai training camp reviewBryce Cohan , USA @ January 2012
"I just finished six weeks of training at Suwit Muay Thai and it was an amazing experience. I had no experience in Muay Thai or in martial arts when I came and I was treated exactly the same as all the other students. Conditioning is somewhat self directed, you can do as much or as little as you like, so whether you to have a vacation with some Muay Thai, or a vacation with some Muay Thai, no one will have a problem with it....."

You can read the testimonial , review or the experience from our old foreigner customer talking about Training & Living at SuWit gym .
They are from Europe , USA , Australia or Asia . Why some guests return to train at SuWit Muay Thai again .
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If you have any question or want booking training , please Contact Us.

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