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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 06, 2018

Intense conditioning workout for Fighters
In the "Art of Eight Limbs," a fighter needs to focus more on strength than the size of muscles. That's why they maintain a lean body and work more on strengthening and conditioning exercises; 60% is conditioning and rest 40% is technique. Here are the most-effective ones;
Muay Thai

1. Skipping:
With no doubt, Jump-rope exercise tops the list. Skipping helps in burning calories faster from your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. With a 10 minute of intense Jump rope workout, you can burn up to 200 calories.
2. Weight Sled workout:
You can push, reverse-drag, drop or pull-up a weight sled to attain more core strength. But, you have to repeat the sequence for five rounds at least, and each time it should last minimum 30 seconds.
3. Squat:
It's a complete, versatile exercise for your body. You can learn the basics you're your training camp. There are more than 40 variations on it, but front squat is very much beneficial. The squat can amp up your hormones and flexibility. However, make sure, you're switching your squat variations on each day.
4. Pull up:
This is another nerd fitness mantra for Muay Thai fighters. Here, you don't even need a gym. Here, you are lifting your own body up, so definitely, it will make you feel light on your body. In any sport, Pull up has been regarded as a best upper body exercise. But here, you are doing it for strength not to gain muscles, keep that in mind.
5. Sprint:
Quick sprint workouts will give you unbelievable inner strength. You can go for a 200-300 meter sprint with 2-3 minutes of rest in between, repeat the same for 5-9 rounds. If you have still more in the tank, do not hesitate to increase the frequency.
These are just five; you can add more to the list though.

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