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How to get good at fighting : Muay Thai
Many people would say that fighting shouldn't ever be thought about. They wince at the mere thought of having to fight someone. They live in a fantasy world where physical violence doesn't and should not exist. Well, we have news for these people - for some other people, fighting is a way of life.
Muay Thai

The world that we live in isn't exactly the safest place to live in. This much should be clear to all but the most hardened optimists that live in the illusion of feeling safe all the time. But if you're a practical person, then you know that you have to know at least some form of martial arts.
That being said, there are many different martial arts that you can learn. We suggest that you engage in Muay Thai training. We think that this is one of the most powerful martial arts in existence. If you learn how to do Muay Thai, then you will be able to know your way in street fight situations.
But Muay Thai is also a sport. This means that you could use it to compete against other people. This is a relatively safer way to test your Muay Thai skills. There still would be a chance of you getting injured in the process, but the chances are much lower to get injured than if you were fighting in the streets. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that you will be fighting trained Muay Thai practitioners in the ring.
But not everyone wants to fight in a sports setting. Some people only train martial arts for a time when they may end up in a scuffle on the streets. In such a case, Muay Thai can be of tremendous assistance to you. There are many people that swear by the effectiveness of Muay Thai in a street fight. It won't make you invincible or bulletproof, but it will surely help you out in finding your way in a street fight.
That being said, it's all up to you now. You won't be able to become proficient at Muay Thai if you don't actually train Muay Thai. So, go ahead. Find a training camp and start training in order to begin and notice results in your Muay Thai skills acquisition.